LEAP Member Great Stories of Service

Throughout service, LEAP members report on their community impact and record "great stories". Below are a few recent great stories shared by LEAP members during the 2020-2021 service year.

What could your great story of service be?

Molly Hanover, Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium 2021

In a year of serving with amazing people, it’s hard to pick one story that hits closest to home. I would have to say that one of the STEM lab classes was my favorite. It was a small class, just two brothers. They were so fascinated by science already, that it was more of a co learning environment than a classroom. They already participated in a local workshop, and brought that knowledge with them. We helped them learn about critical thinking, unbiased science, experimental design, as well as DNA extraction and analysis. They taught us how to troubleshoot the 3D printer and tricks in using the 3D printer design program. This co learning environment allowed open communication, and enhanced the level of learning that was possible. One of the final projects was creating a 3D designed solar car to race against the other STEM lab groups, which they designed, printed, and assembled with no help from me or the other educator. One of the brothers even made it to the 115 semifinals out of thousands of competitors across the entire nation in the Artemis Moon Pod Essay competition. We also had another STEM lab student in another group who also made the semifinals. This experience was very uplifting, and confirmed my belief that learning should be a cycle between student and teacher. I am proud to have been a part of a program that allows students to explore their interests at their own pace, as well as open doors to resources and opportunities that aren’t available at home. Creating connections with these incredible children was inspiring, and being a part of pushing them farther was an honor.

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