LEAP Member Great Stories of Service

Throughout service, LEAP members report on their community impact and record "great stories". Below are a few recent great stories shared by LEAP members during the 2020-2021 service year.

What could your great story of service be?

Maisie Anrod, Green Mountain Farm to School

    One crisp fall afternoon at Jay/Westfield, PreK came out to the garden.  Gradually, students migrated over to the potato bed.  Although there wasn’t much going on above the soil, once students started sifting through the soil they found potatoes, along with worms and other soil denizens.  Students learned to follow the wilted potato stems down below the soil, and enjoyed comparing the size of the potatoes and speculating about what other creatures might like to eat them.  Finding worm friends was equally if not more exciting for students as finding a potato, and students proudly displayed the wiggly worms to their peers.  It was uplifting for me to watch them interact with the soil ecosystem with pure wonder--no “ew!” or “gross!” to be heard.  Understanding that a whole web of creatures is needed to support the food we grow is an important and profound lesson that the preschoolers seem to grasp well.


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