Serving with AmeriCorps in the LEAP Program

LEAP members serve at Host Sites that address a variety of community needs for NEK youth including: early literacy, farm-to-school education, STEM technology education, arts education, outdoor recreation and conservation education, college preparation, and more!
Please read on to learn more about benefits to service, the service commitment, available training opportunities, and how to apply to become an AmeriCorps member serving with LEAP.

Application Process

  • Current open LEAP positions are listed below.

  • You may also visit the AmeriCorps website, where you can explore service position listings and create a MyAmeriCorps account which will allow you to build your application, and then apply it to listings. To find LEAP's listings search by state for Vermont, and by program by entering LEAP.

    • All applications received through the national website are forwarded on the appropriate host site supervisors for review/consideration. The host site and LEAP will ​work together to find the right fit for the position.

  • Please contact LEAP at 802-626-6638 to learn more about the application process.


We are currently collecting sponsorship applications and awarding slots to sites; check back periodically for an updated list of open positions!

Educational Outreach Coordinator with Kingdom Trails

East Burke, VT:
Service Hours Required: 1700 hours, approximately 35 hours per week
$19,500 (pre-tax) living allowance and upon successful completion of service, a $6,495 (pre-tax) Education Award for eligible individuals

Position beings immediately and ends August 31st, 2023.

Afterschool STEAM Enrichment Coordinator with Kingdom East Afterschool Program (KEAP)

Multiple locations throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont:
Service Hours Required: 450 hours, approximately 15 hours per week
$4,000 (pre-tax) living allowance and upon successful completion of service, a $1,718.25 (pre-tax) Education Award for eligible individuals

Position beings immediately and ends August 4th, 2023.

2022-2023 Living Allowance and Benefits

In addition to having an opportunity to do meaningful, challenging work and gain real-world experience, there are many tangible benefits as well, including:

  • Living allowance (FT: $19,500; HT: $8,000; QT: $4,000)

  • Education award upon completion of service (FT: $6,495; HT: $3,247.50; QT: $1,718.25)

  • Health insurance (full time members only). Covers major medical, hospitalization and prescriptions.

  • School Loan Forbearance: Deferment on federally subsidized school loans.

  • Training Opportunities: In addition to LEAP orientation, members have numerous training opportunities over the course of the service year. Topics may include: Communication, Leadership, Professionalism, Networking, Engagement in Service, Creative Confidence, Social Justice, STEM Instruction, and more. Additionally, members may attend a statewide AmeriCorps Launch, two (fall and spring) statewide multi-day SerVermont conferences, and an end of service year ceremony.

  • Networking opportunities: LEAP is dedicated to offering its members a wide range of experiences and community engagement opportunities with local community groups, on-campus events and fellow AmeriCorps members and programs through service projects and training opportunities.


Service Commitment and Training Opportunities

  • By signing on, members are making a commitment to serve the number of hours their position requires. LEAP and host sites fully expect members to fulfill this commitment unless a compelling circumstance arises. Failure to fulfill this commitment jeopardizes the future of the LEAP program and thus jeopardizes the host sites’ ability to host a member in the future. Leaving a term of service early will prohibit a member from serving in national service in the future and could prohibit a host site from hosting a member in the future. 

  • Over the past few years, LEAP members had access to training opportunities focused on what it means to serve youth in the NEK; social/racial justice; professionalism and self advocacy; engagement (both self-engagement and how to engage youth in programming); creative confidence and how to incorporate hands on creativity into STEM programming; wellness/mindfulness; social networking; and a variety of workshops at the SerVermont conferences. These trainings are provided at no cost to LEAP members.

    • These trainings are are facilitated by a variety of fantastic business and individuals. LEAP is thankful to have access to such wonderful trainings and LEAP members often share how valuable these trainings are to them in both their personal and professional lives.

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LEAP Impact

Based on data and numbers reported by LEAP members during the 2017-2018 service year, LEAP has compiled the following data: